Redlands Parks/Trails: Ford Park

Ford Park

Ford Park is a 27 acre park located in Redlands, CA on Parkford Dr and Redlands Blvd – Ford Ave. The park consists of two ponds stocked with fish, a dog park, playground, frisbee golf, and lighted tennis facilities. The park is covered in green grass and is the home to multiple ducks that are common faces all year round. It is a friendly park and is a great place for picnics and general activities! (Click the photos below for a close up)


There are two ponds in the center of the park that are only 10-20 footsteps apart. One of the ponds lays on a hill above the second pond. Though they are different ponds, they consist of the same types of wildlife. Wildlife includes: Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, Bluegill, Channel catfish, minnows, Red-eared slider (turtle), frogs, and ducks. Pet-store fish such as gold fish and Koi fish are occasionally released into the pond and are often seen swimming on the surface. With few predators, these fish are offered the opportunity to grow very large and will easily be spotted in the water. While it is interesting to observe pet store fish in the wild, this is not their natural habitat. Do not release any pet-store fish into these ponds or any other ecosystem. They have the potential to cause serious damage to the naturally sustained ecosystem and can out-compete other natural wildlife for food and resources.

Once in a while, the City of Redlands will set up a fishing derby in which catfish are professionally stocked into both ponds. These are very popular events and are always fun to attend. Once the derby is over and the pond is not stocked, it can appear that the ponds are overfished; but I have personally seen people catch Bass and Catfish ranging up to 5 pounds.


Dog Park

Ford Park is the site of the Redlands Dog Park. It is a small yet functional park. There are two sides, the left side from the main entrance is reserved for small dogs while the right side is designed for larger dog breeds. Dogs and people alike get along and contribute to a friendly atmosphere that is already present throughout the entire park.


Redlands Fishing Derby will be June 27 at Ford Park



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