Redlands Trails: Orange Blossom Trail

Orange Blossom Trail

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“A recreation and commuting trail connected to the 110-mile Santa Ana River Trail” – Councilman Jon Harrison

The Orange Blossom Trail is a 7.5 mile trail that spans across the city of Redlands. It is a recently added addition to the growing yet small town and runs through historic sections of the city such as the University of Redlands and the old railroad tracks. The entire route is a paved Class 1 bicycle route on one side and a decomposed granite trail on the other side for pedestrians, cyclists, and roller skaters says Councilman Harrison to the Redlands Daily Facts. Dogs are welcome on this trail and disposable waste bags are provided. In addition to that, parking is also included at some locations of the trail. There is little shade so the trail may seem warm with temperatures ranging from 60  to 100 degrees. It is a great route for traveling across the city! For more information about the Orange Blossom Trail follow this link!

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