Redlands Trails: San Timoteo Canyon Nature Sanctuary

San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary 

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“Approximately 200 acres of riparian habitat and California coastal sage scrub. This land is permanently conserved through a conservation easement held by the Redlands Conservancy for Redlands’ citizens and visitors to savor forever the synergy with our wild lands.”

A 5 mile loop trail through hard dirt mixed with sandy patches. The wildlife present here is very diverse and have adapted to the warm climate. Temperatures can range from 60 degrees to 100 degrees. On the outskirts of the nature reserve is a train that regularly passes through. The wildlife consists of aquatic and desert species such as coyotes, rabbits, burros, frogs, red tail hawks, unique birds, lizards, owls, and many other types of species. The trails are open to horseback riders, bikers, and walkers. This area of the San Timoteo Canyon is rich in history. To find out more about its history follow this link!

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