Redlands Parks/Trails: Caroline Park

Caroline Park

“The said land being abundant in wildflowers and believing it will give pleasure to the children and others who may frequent the park, it is my request that the land be let as free as possible in its natural condition…” – Olivia Phelps Stokes, donator of park land in 1929

Caroline Park is a 16.8 acre park located on Sunset Dr and Mariposa Dr. The park is a local wildlife habitat and features California native plants, a wildflower meadow,  groves of native trees, and nature trails.

Wildlife Habitat

The park is full of native plants and trees and serves as a small nature sanctuary for local wildlife. Local wildlife include: Rabbits, lizards, Red-tailed Hawks, Coyotes, Mountain lions, and multiple bird species. Caroline Park is one of the many popular destinations for bird watchers in Redlands.


There are several small scenic trails throughout the park. They are very easy to hike and dogs are welcome on them, just as long as they are on a leash. Bikers should not ride on these trails. Trails here are narrow and the size of a mountain bike can very easily lead to a collision.

Jogging on these trails can prove to be difficult since the park is built on a hill. However, if you are looking to run on hills, then this is a great place to run. If you choose to walk on one of these trails, do not be surprised to see small wildlife moving around in the brush. Rabbits and Red-tailed hawks are commonly seen on these trails.

A water fountain and dog bowl are present on the top of the hill in a shaded area, a great place for you and your dog to rest. Overall, Caroline Park is a great place to visit and will be enjoyable for people of all fitness levels.

All photos were taken by Matt Salas

Thank you reading this article and I hope you enjoy this park as much as my dogs and I did. -Matt


Caroline Park flyer, present in the park at checkpoints

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