Redlands Parks/Trails: Sylvan Park and 4th of July Festival

Sylvan Park

Sylvan Park is a 23.3 acre park that is located directly across the street from the University of Redlands on University St between Colton Ave and Park Ave. The park is split in half by a historic drainage canal that carries water flowing down from the San Bernardino Mountain. This drainage canal is over a century old!

Since there are two side of the park, the name of each side will be dictated by its distance from the University. The side furthest from the University of Redlands is the site of the newly added Redlands Skate Park, Horse-shoe pits, lawn bowling, and a volleyball court. There are also a network of small trails that start on this side of the park. These trails ultimately lead you to one of three stone bridges that connect both sides of the park.

The side of closest to the University of Redlands consists of a rose garden, playground, seated picnic areas, and a band stage. All of the trails in the park ultimately lead to the rose garden but not before seeing the historic beauty of Sylvan Park. The picnic areas and the band stage are largely vacant throughout the year, except for the Fourth of July. Every year, the City of Redlands hosts the Annual Fourth of July Festival at Sylvan Park.

Annual Redlands 4th of July Festival

The Redlands 4th of July Festival is held once a year on…. you named it! The Fourth of July. It is a high spirited event that is attended by hundreds of people, if not thousands and includes games, food, and entertainment. Live music is played while kids can enjoy rock climbing or other fun activities while the adults can hang out and have a beer in the exclusive section. Local businesses and non-profit organization set up tents and advertise their product through selling clothes, food, and memberships. The hosts of the 4th of July Festival also sell tickets for the Redlands Firework show that occurs later in the evening. The show starts at 6:00 PM and includes live music along with front row seats to the City of Redlands Firework Show. I attended the event last night and I do have to say that it was a spectacular show!

Redlands Skate Park

The newest addition to Sylvan Park is the Redlands Skate Park and it is VERY popular. It is a fairly large skate park and is welcoming of all skill levels. I interviewed a few people skating at the park and all of them loved the smooth flow of the park and the general good vibe. The park includes half pipes, rails, and stairs for skaters who are looking to specialized tricks!

-Thanks for reading! All photos were taken by Matt Salas


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