Aim Your Goals High and Never Settle for Less


Hey guys! This is the first post of TrailTrek CA’s motivational series. All of the content in these posts are proven through personal experiences and have led to countless amazing achievements. I want to clarify first and foremost that I am not a certified life coach, but the experiences that I have had in competing at a high NCAA level and winning competitive races while being held back with life issues could potentially help others who want to push their life to the next level. I hope you enjoy this and get some use out of what I have to share!

Whatever It May Be, Have A Goal

Whatever you set out to do, you have to have a goal. The goal is the final destination of your journey; I call this the Ultimate goal. I will use my own Ultimate goal as an example.

I am an NCAA Cross Country/Track athlete and am very competitive. Winning races and hitting pr’s (personal records) allows me to enjoy and appreciate the hard work and dedication I put into the sport. My Ultimate goal is to win the NCAA National Championship (DIII). With the proper preparation, I have the confidence knowing that I am able to achieve such heights as long as I have a game plan. That is where goal setting comes in. How will I achieve my Ultimate goal? The answer is simple, by setting smaller goals that lead to your larger goal.

So lets put this together. Here is an (oversimplified) chart that I made on Microsoft Paint.

Goal Setting Diagram


You might notice a pattern here. Smaller goals (on the bottom) help create the base of the larger goal and the larger goals creates the foundation for the ultimate goal. Achieving my Ultimate goal requires A LOT more planning than what is shown on the graph, but again this is an oversimplified graph. A proper graph could be massive and the best part is… You Get To Make It! Many things come into place to allow you to achieve your ultimate goal and the process of doing so is truly a journey that requires patience and consistency.

Achieve Smaller Goals Throughout Your Day

Goal setting is a skill that requires practice. Some goals are easier to achieve than others but they all need to be accomplished if you want to be successful in whatever you are doing. For example, how would I be able to achieve my ultimate goal of winning a National Championship if I am not able to achieve a smaller goal of resisting the temptation to buy sugar cookies at the market? You have to be consistent in achieving your smaller goals so that by the time you take on your Ultimate goal, you will already have a history of completing goals. By continually completing small goals throughout your day, even when you don’t want to, you begin to grow confidence and develop a winning mindset.

Small goal examples: throw the trash, floss, make your bed, drink 8 glasses of water a day, etc.


You must be consistent! If you lay off one time, it becomes difficult to continue the process and you quickly lose sight of your Ultimate goal. Everything is achievable with proper preparation, you just have to remain consistent! If you complete 10 small goals a day for 7 days, by the end of the week you would have accomplished 70 goals! By the end of the month, you would have achieved 280 goals! By the end of the year, you would have completed 3,360 goals! All of your smaller goals help prepare you for your larger goals, and in turn help you to achieve your Ultimate goal! The consequence of completing goals throughout your day is a growth in self-confidence, a victorious attitude, and a history in winning. 

Image result for achievement

Set Your Goals High

Achieving a large goal does not happen in one day, it takes a consistent effort of completing smaller goals. Since achieving an Ultimate goal takes time, why not make it a goal worth achieving? I cannot tell you what YOU want to do, whether you want to aim high or set a more realistic and readily achievable goal, but I really encourage you to reach for the stars!

Do Not Conform to Anything Less than Who You Are

People will take notice to high achievers who practice self-improvement; Unfortunately, there will be people who get a negative response from your ambition and will wish for you to fail. Why? Who knows. But just remember this… You don’t have to sink to their level. Focusing on people who wish you misfortune is a waste of time and energy! Instead, spend your energy being with people who lift you up and do things that you enjoy! If you are in the situation where you don’t have positive people around you, try creating friendly relationships with new people and follow/subscribe to people that you look up to. Follow your plan and keep improving yourself and be the person that you want to be!

Here is a great reference video where I learned a lot of what was featured in this article. It is an insight on how Navy SEAL training can improve your own life and career!


Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was insightful for you!



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