Experience New Things!

Wouldn’t life be boring if we did the same thing every day? Wouldn’t we grow stagnant if we ate the same food immediately after watching the same tv show day after day? Many people like this lifestyle. If you do, there is no judgement whatsoever. Do what makes you happy! In a sense, that is why I am writing this article.

It is very easy to fall into a routine that can get boring after a while, but we don’t know anything better to do so we just continue to do it. The only problem is… this type of lifestyle doesn’t allow you to grow and expand your world! Believe me when I tell you, since everything I write is from experience, you will become happier and livelier when you go outside and attend new events. Meet new people and create new friendships! Go to a club, whether it is a recreational sports club, reading club, self improvement club (which are very fun because everybody is so encouraging!), or anything you want! Whatever you seek, chances are that you will find a club/organization that has the same interests and many of them are free; Comprised of people just like you looking to get out of the house and meet new people or try new things.

A few a days ago I attended the Upland Chamber of Commerce meeting that is designed to connect business owners and encourage networking. I learned so many priceless things that I will be forever grateful that I attended that meeting; And that was only one meeting! Last night, I attended a meeting hosted by my local Toastmasters club. Toastmasters International is a global organization that promotes the art of public speaking. It was such a positive environment and the experience reinforced in me the power of effective public speaking. After the meeting, I attended a popular farmers market being held across the street. I strolled along and purchased some honey. Let me tell you that this was the best honey that I have ever tasted. It was locally made by a small farmer that raised his own bees! I bought some other things too but the point is: If I had not left my house to attend a club on that night, I wouldn’t have met these amazing people and I would not have tasted the best honey that I have ever had! To try something so delicious is rare but it requires the will to get out and explore.

food sweet honey close
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If we do not grow, we remain stagnant. Think of it this way, what if a baby was content with crawling for the rest of his/her life? The baby would just crawl forever. Or what if the baby had no interest in learning how to speak a language? He/She would grunt forever. But that is not the case. Why you may ask? Because humans are naturally curious creatures by default. We always try to find a better way. Think about the first person to discover honey. They probably saw this golden gooey substance and thought, “That looks pretty good”. So they tried it, most likely at the expense of a few bee stings! It was good (and it’s healthy) so they decided to gather it again and eventually learned how to farm honey. That’s life! We explore and we try new things! Don’t deny your God-given instinct to learn and experiment! 

There is a life of wonder, mystery, and adventure waiting for you out there. Go discover what it is!



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