Don’t Limit Yourself

We are the product of all the experiences that we have ever encountered in life. Good or bad. Every situation leaves its mark on our conscience or well being. That means in the course of a year, we would have had countless experiences that all had some kind of effect on us. Whether it was making a new friend that you enjoy hanging out with or by reading books for more knowledge. We are never stagnant.

Whether you seek learning or have had many experiences in life, you have value from that. Never limit yourself to anything less! There may have been moments in your life where you knowingly limited yourself and your potential for the trade off of comfort. Let me say this again, you are an individual that has value and can do amazing things! If you want to climb that mountain, you climb that mountain. If you want to try surfing, you go surfing. If you can, I would like you to repeat these words: I am an individual with value and I will not conform to a lesser version of myself. 

photo of person standing on temple
Photo by Stijn Dijkstra on

Giving into a state that is less than who you truly are is a waste of your potential. We all have so much potential and each of us has the power to move mountains and change the world! But we can’t do that if you commit yourself to a version of yourself that you know you are better than.

Always remember the things that you’ve learned and keep growing! We all have the capability to do great things. Go out there and discover the world you were meant to find! I believe in you!

Thank you for reading this article!




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