Reading A Chapter A Day

Reading can sometimes become tough, especially if the book you are reading happens to be a long one. I often start a book with the intentions of reading through it and completing it in a timely manner. Sometimes life happens and I become too busy to read the very book that I was so excited to read, and then it just sits there. Believe me when I say that I understand, as a student-athlete in the NCAA, life can get very busy.

I went a full month without touching my latest novel, and man do I feel like I missed out. I am just now picking it up and finishing the remaining chapters that are needed to finish my book. Once again was I reminded by the magic that books provide, the calming properties that books can have once again entered into my busy life. I don’t want to become too busy to even read my book again. I am starting to read at least one chapter a day, just to make sure I stimulate my mind and progress further into the current book I am reading (Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers).

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Reading sparks our imaginations and inspire us to be more creative in our lives, if you are not a reader, then I encourage you to find an interesting book on a topic that will be fun for you and let the book do its magic!

If you are reading any books right now, feel free to comment them! I would love to read about it and I might even pick it up myself!

If you want to read more about how books can enrich your life click on the link below!

How Books Can Take You On Extraordinary Adventures

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