Recovery Takes Time

Whether if it is nature or yourself, deep recovery takes time. It does not happen over night. Imagine a large fire burns down 60% of the forest (This can be literal or metaphorical), those trees and wildlife won’t come back in a week. Actually, forests need fires to bring new nutrients into the soil and make room for new life, it’s part of a natural cycle.

backlit dawn foggy friendship
Photo by Helena Lopes on

That new life, will not sprout in a week though. Recovery takes its own time. A new forest can grow back in a month, or it can grow back in a year. But if we let nature take its course, it will always heal itself and grow back stronger.

However, If we try to force recovery, then the forest does not grow back the same, nor as strong as it could have been. Be patient, and let nature take its course. You will be okay and the forest will flourish, just give it time.

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