Be Original, Be Creative, Be You.

Originality. The trait that sets you apart from your neighbor. The trait that ultimately makes you, you. We are taught at a young age the difference from right and wrong and how to follow directions. It is molded in our mind that there is a rule book for everything in life.

Life has no rulebook. Society does but your life doesn’t. Be who you want to be. Think how you want to think. Write what you want to write, not what you ought to write. Travel where you want to travel. Go into any profession that you want to go in. Become a master of a craft. Become the master of your own life.

All of the greatest names in human history: Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Mozart, Socrates, and the list goes on, all were something special. They sought out what their soul desired. I believe that some people ARE mathematicians, some people are BORN to create beautiful melodies. Some people ARE leaders and artists. Where would society be if no one person had the courage to go into the unknown, to believe in their vision when no one else did, to believe in themselves in the face of criticism. To create something that could ultimately beneficially change the lives of those around you.

Don’t be afraid to be curious, to be creative

Follow your ambitions, Be Bold, Be Demanding

Demand that you follow your hearts desire and conquer the fear of the unknown!

Don’t be your own worst enemy but be your own hero! Your boat is in a vast ocean, it is up to you to set sail and chart your course.

Chart a course to a future that you believe in.

Write your own story and don’t let anybody stain your pages.

Let your ambitions create a future that adds more color to your life, your community, and your world.



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