How The World Ended

It ended fast. People panicked. Stores were emptied. Riots were formed. Marshall law was enacted. People brought up their arms and began to fight for resources and territory. No man fought for a banner but for his survival and the survival of his kin.

The people who wanted nothing to do with the violence were either smart enough to leave or became the first victims of the chaos.

The worst of man came out, and it was man, not the end itself, that brought down their great society.

Once man fell, only the skeleton of their great society remained. The only noise in the streets were the echo’s of the once vibrant functions of society, now unused.

But not all was lost. The heartbeat of the earth cracked the streets and tumbled buildings. From a birds view, the tall steel mountains collapsed and created a powerful storm. ]

From the ashes came a new host. Seeds began to sprout. The roots of trees began to crack the pavements. Vines overtook what was left of the colossal buildings. Sewers flooded the subways. Wildlife began to reclaim their domain. And the remnants of what used to be so much potential was buried to be started again for something new.

This time for the better.


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