I Am Me and That’s Something Beautiful to Be

Who am I
I am me
Some may think they know me
Some have a better idea than others
But in the end, I only know me
I make my actions
I make my choices
I make the choice whether to give up in the face of difficulty
Or to keep moving forward
To live my life
To Have fun
To be creative
To be a kid again
To not be scared to play but to play with explosions of imagination
I am still the same person
I am still that same kid.
I may have gone through some tough challenges,
But I’m still here, and this is my life.
It is my choice to live MY life not yours
And I will live my life
And I will be me
And love myself
And Listen to Myself
And love those with good hearts
And be Passionate
And Be Me
For nobody can be me except for me

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