Radish and Carrot Plot *Week Two Update

And we are on week two since the radish and carrot seeds have been planted! The radishes are growing beautifully and the carrots, well not so much. Lets get into it!

Radishes  Day 15

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The radishes are now on day 15 and they have taken off well! 100 of them were planted and I am going to guess that I have around 85 healthy radishes sprouts taking off. The other radishes either did not take off or were completely taken by pests of unknown origin.

It is difficult to see on the picture that there is some damage on the leaves of these radishes, pests have began snacking on the leaves of many of the sprouts. Fortunately, the sprouts are growing a lot faster than the pests can eat them!

P.S. I picked this radish to early, it was growing in a different area of the yard 😦

picked radishes

I picked this radish too soon and it was not ready to be eaten 😦

Carrots Day 14 

Only a few individual carrots have sprouted, but they are so small that they are not visible in the picture. I have read that carrots have a germination time (meaning how long it takes for them to sprout) of 14 to 21 days. Considering that today is the 14th day since being planted in the ground, I would say that the carrots are on track.



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