Success is More Than Just Believing In Yourself

I have recently started a book called Ego Is The Enemy, by Ryan Holiday, and it has been a very enlightening and eye opening experience. I am only on chapter 2, but the content within this book has already made an impact on my life.

Success is more than just believing in yourself. Don’t get me wrong, you have to believe in yourself to get anywhere in life, but you get a lot farther in life through experience. You have to get your hands a little dirty to really reap the fruit of success. You have to experiment, fail, succeed, then fail again, to really grow.

Imagine that you just bought a farm or started a garden for the first time. You obviously believe that you have the ability to grow crops, but belief in yourself alone isn’t going to grow amazing crops. Your first year may be good, or it may be bad. But the knowledge that you gained from this growing season will be carried into the next. And that knowledge will help you grow an even better crop. The next year will be even better, because you gained that extra information through experience on what works and what doesn’t. Thus, the experience that you gain from experience will lead to greater success. In this case, success means a higher yield in crops.

Talent is given but it is only the beginning. Skill is earned and can lead to some amazing things. Everybody has their own definition of success, but however you intend on pursuing that, make sure that you are not afraid to keep trying and to never give up.

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