Radish Plot *Week 3

Today marks week 3 or 22 days since I planted Cherry belle Radish seeds into the ground! I started with about 100 seeds and now the plot has about 85 healthy growing plants.

This was a critical week in the radishes growth because in week 2, the entire plot was almost lost due to pests. The leaves were being chewed off completely and I feared that the radishes were not going to recover. But they did! It only took about two days for the radishes to grow back their foliage and they are now growing healthier than ever.

Day 22


Some of the radishes are still fighting off some pests, but it seems that they are growing faster than the pests can eat them.

Harvested Radish from flower pot


Here is a radish that was harvested about an hour ago in flower pot, but now it’s in my stomach (lol). However, I don’t know how long it’s been growing for. Tasted good, but it probably could have been left in the ground for another week!

Thanks for reading this article! If you want to see the progress that these radishes have made, check out these other posts!

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