Harvesting the Radishes! Week 5*

After a month of patiently waiting, the radishes were finally large enough to be harvested! It took 36 days for the seeds to grow into a mature and large enough size to be harvested. Of the 100 radishes I planted, only 45 of them grew to be healthy radishes. Total there were 86 plants, but due to the heat, 41 of the plants went straight to seed. This means that the radish plant skips producing the bulb that we eat and immediately focuses on growing flowers. It may as well be a weed unless you intend on collecting the seeds.

I had such a great time watching these radishes grow. Radishes grow very quickly and judging by my experience, it only takes about 30 days to grow them! They were sweet and had just the right amount of spice. Each radish had a lot more water and flavor compared to store bought radishes (in my experience)  

It has been fun watching these plants grow from seed and I would recommend this activity to anybody who is curious. It is a good excuse to go outside and experiment with growing a garden. Radishes can grow anywhere, from tiny pots to a raised bed, you can grow them anywhere.

Do I recommend doing this? Absolutely.

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