About Us

TrailTrek CA is an outdoor newsletter that seeks to promote the preservation and growth of your local wilderness. We want to share to the world that we can grow communities  and promote environmental conservation at the same time.

To do this, we write about local outdoor events and locations to inform and entertain the reader about real world news that isn’t in the mainstream media. We also want to lead by example, 5% of all our profits will be donated to environmental organizations that are committed to preserving the worlds natural ecosystems while also seeking to promote a higher standard of living for people, a balance.

We are based in Southern California and much of our news we report will come from trusted sources such as experts and professionals.

The mission of TrailTrek CA is to inspire those within the community to get out and explore the outdoors and learn more about their local environment and the wildlife that resides within it while making a healthy positive impact in their communities.