Redlands Parks/Trails

An index of parks and trails in Redlands, California. (Click on a link below to take you to a detailed article about the park you choose!)

Redlands is a historic town right on the base of the San Bernardino National Forest and is known as the Jewel of the Inland Empire.

  1. Sylvan Park
  2. Orange Blossom Trail
  3. San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary
  4. Ford Park
  5. Prospect Park
  6. Caroline Park
  7. Oakmont Park
  8. Smiley Park
  9. Heritage Park

This is only a list of parks that have trails open to the public. Parks that have unique features and historical significance are included as well. For example, Smiley Park is home to a Museum dedicated to President Abraham Lincoln and contains the largest collection of Abraham Lincoln memorabilia west of the Mississippi River.  Ford Park is the only park on this list that offers fishing. Community parks that only feature grass fields and playgrounds are not included on this list.